SGS service offers solutions for the world of plant protection, breeding, production of seeds and fertilizers, plant production, distribution and consumer protection.

As part of our demonstration field trials, it is possible to compare influence of the chemical and other products used in agriculture on a wide scale. Consistently we verify and develop our systems and tools, to introduce the latest technologies in the field, laboratories and our field stations.

We can grow a various crops and varieties. Apply different programs of plant protection, active ingredients and mixtures, adapting them to the specific requirements of the client.


Very often, technology alone does not
give good results without the right equipment. Therefore, SGS has a wide

range of specialized tools to be able to perform any kind of trial.


In many places in the world and in Poland too, SGS manages its own fields-stations. This way we get the possibility of a comprehensive implementation of very complex trials in a different conditions for the best results.

In addition, our fields can be used to conduct meetings or workshops for groups, leading them to the discussion about product performance.

With the latest technologies, equipment
and stations, we can quickly and
accurately perform all types of field trials

and under covers trials as part of the services provided, such as:

  • trials for marketing and sales support;
  • trials to compare products;
  • comparison of the sequence of treatments;
  • comparison of the term of treatments;
  • demonstration of plant varieties;
  • demonstration of the sowing density;
  • stations with field trials;
  • the vulnerability of plant varieties to pests;
  • the impact of irrigation and other factors which affect grow.

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