GEP (Good Experimental Practice) — system was introduced in order to harmonise the rules of conducting field trials, to ensure adequate quality and mutual recognition of documents related to efficacy studies of plant protection products in the countries of the European Union.

We offer objective and tailored to client needs registration trials for agricultural and horticultural products:

  • chemical pesticides,
  • biopesticides,
  • fertilizers,
  • new varieties of plants.

Our field stations fulfill industry requirements for efficacy trials and registration procedures according to both national and international policy.

SGS Field Trial Services, in accordance with GEP, include the following categories of products:

  • adjuvants,
  • acaricides,
  • bacteriocides,
  • fertilisers,
  • fungicides,
  • herbicides,
  • insecticides,
  • molluscicides,
  • nematicides,
  • plant growth regulators (PGRs),
  • rodenticides,
  • stored crops,
  • virocides,
  • seed treatments.


  • efficacy trials, carried out in different climatic and growing conditions,
  • selectivity/phytotoxicity trials (impact of the product on crop),
  • final reports in accordance with EPPO standards,
  • analysis of mixtures,
  • comparison of irrigation systems,
  • national and european projects management,
  • access to the results of the trial — electronic ARM file or individual system for client,
  • detailed project reports,
  • data protection according to the principles of the intranet.

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